Human capital includes many individual characteristics that each employee and collaborator can bring to their daily work. 

A business that wants to be successful must not only care about its business but also of its resources and their capabilities. 

For our organization, therefore, the so-called "employee experience" is fundamental, because if you don't take care of your staff,
it will be difficult to manage customers and growth prospects.

For Moreali the human capital is fundamental and every day it gives great importance to all the characteristics of the members of the company, such as creativity,
intelligence, tenacity, respect for the work of others and motivation.

Following these values, Moreali allows its employees to: 

- Have Lean consulting with Bonfiglioli Consulting
- Benefit from business processes in Lean mode
- Give information from Bonfiglioli Consulting website
- Send Andon / Panel PC photos
- Continuous training 

Mission and Vision

Moreali has the goal to realize, with its own competences and the passion that distinguishes it, products able to improve the complex systems in which they are, using the best available technologies, participating to the economic growth and to the welfare of the whole society.

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Why Moreali?

Experience and attention to the customer are intertwined every day to give shape to the best precision gears according to customer specifications.
Find out what makes Moreali unique.

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Do you want to become part of a historical reality,
innovative and customer-oriented? 

Environmental and
social responsibility

Our company policy is based on the union
between the attention for the environment and the attention
for the social, not only in view of growth
but also of sustainability.