Moreali has a consolidated experience in the production of gears for hydraulic pumps for the industrial and earthmoving sectors. 

Thanks to its highly technological plants and to its specialized staff, Moreali is able to satisfy the most demanding markets. 

The present fleet of machines allows the production of spur and helical gears from module 0.5 to module 8, with a maximum diameter up to 320 mm and a toothing quality up to grade 6 (ISO1328). 

Through an extensive network of collaborations with leading companies in the treatment of metal surfaces, it can offer various surface finishes to improve the mechanical and trichological characteristics of its products, such as, for example, shot peening and isotropic tumbling. 

Faced with the growing demands in terms of quality, Moreali has started an ambitious program of improvement and monitoring of production processes, which include the use of the most innovative technologies available on the market. 

Nowadays many machines are equipped with systems able to control in real time the functional characteristics of the products and to correct themselves through feedback systems. 

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    Moreali gears, being completely customizable,
    are suitable for any sector and application.

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