For over 70 years Moreali has been producing cylindrical gears for the industrial mechanical transmission sector. 

The wide range of available machines and their high level of automation allow the manufacturing of complex parts, obtaining at the same time an excellent quality and low costs.    

The gear hobbing machines available can work with hobs from module 0.5 to 8, with maximum diameters and lengths respectively of 320 mm and 600 mm. They are also provided with automatic timing systems for the execution of skiving finishing; the department is equipped with a knife hobbing machine capable of hobbing up to module 5, with diameter and maximum length of 300 mm. 

There are several shaving machines, which allow the machining of gears from module 1 to 6, with diameters and maximum length of 220 mm and 300 mm respectively. 

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    Industries and Applications

    Moreali gears, being completely customizable,
    are suitable for any sector and application.

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