Environmental Responsibility

Nature plays a fundamental role in the health, well-being and economic activity of every individual. 

In order to safeguard the environment, allow it to be exploited and benefit not only today, but also in the future, the European Union is committed to prevent any form of damage and to impose on the responsible of companies and not only a reparation in case a damage occurs.  

For this reason, since 2004, with a dedicated directive, all operators who carry out an activity involving an environmental risk are encouraged to 

assess it and take the necessary measures to reduce it. 

Moreali has made great efforts over the years to reduce production processes that are dangerous for the environment. 

New aspiration systems

Latest generation devices designed for the environmental monitoring in the ventilation systems and a consequent reduction of the dispersion of fine dust, fumes and gases. Moreali, by using these new suction systems, constantly monitors the noxious substances that damage the air and tries to optimize their emission every day, for a better future.

Reduction of the use of fossil fuels

In the last 20 years, fossil fuels have produced 3/4 of the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, trapping solar heat and triggering the so-called "greenhouse effect". Moreali, with the desire to improve environmental and atmospheric conditions, in 2017, installed a 282.12 kWp photovoltaic system, saving 882.92 tons of CO2 to date.

Documentation digitalization

Moreali has always been committed to optimizing its processes, thinking about the environment. With the digitization of documents through specific software, in addition to optimizing and speeding up every action, we have significantly reduced costs and excessive consumption of stationery, paper, printing devices and shipping by mail and couriers.

Reduction of oil systems, dry technology

Air emissions, produced by oil-fired plants, are more complex than normal combustion processes. In fact, in addition to the presence of pollutants characteristic of conventional combustion, there are oxidized forms of organic or inorganic substances already present in the waste. Moreali, to reduce their production, has implemented plants with dry technology.

Social Responsibility

A company is made up of people who are themselves part of a family and a social fabric. 

Moreali promotes values, interacts with the community and wants to transmit these great values to the next generation. 

For years, we have been committed to the school-to-work alternation project, which allows us to teach young people the value of work. 

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