Co-designing with the customer

Moreali renews its entrepreneurial ability every day by listening to and interpreting market requests, regardless of their complexity. 

The quality that inspires Moreali, the cutting-edge technologies it has at its disposal and the high-value services it can offer allow the company to interpret the needs of each individual customer, co-designing every single element and guaranteeing compliance with delivery times and the highest quality standards. 

Use of innovative technologies

Moreali makes use of the most modern and innovative technologies to communicate with the Customers; an essential approach to defend its leadership on the Italian and international market. 

Certifications and Lean Method

Moreali, in addition to being certified in ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System Standard), also applies the Lean Method: a management style that aims at eliminating waste to create excellent standardized processes at low cost with the contribution of people. 

Customer centricity is the basis of the Lean philosophy: it is attentive and focused on customer needs, it is waste avoidance (MUDA) and empowerment of company resources to create added value. 

Management of products in stock

Moreali, besides being a manufacturer and distributor of the best cylindrical and bevel gears for hydraulic pumps, provides its customers with a warehouse management program, which allows not only to have an up-to-date picture of the available stocks, but also to keep in stock the products purchased by customers, in case of non-availability in the company's spaces. 

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